Sample pudding menu


Sticky toffee pudding with our clotted cream & lashings of toffee sauce £8.50

Jelly of our elderflower cordial with rhubarb ripple ice cream £6.50

Chocolate squidgy pudding with stem ginger ice cream £8.50

Helen’s treacle tart
with proper custard, clotted, pouring or ice cream £7.50

Steamed marmalade sponge & proper custard made with our hens’ eggs £7.50

A classic baked caramel custard with oranges in cinnamon syrup £7.50

Wellington sorbets & ice creams
Mango, raspberry or blackcurrant sorbet
Marmalade, chocolate, rhubarb ripple, espresso, vanilla bean or stem ginger ice cream
£3.50 per scoop with a shortbread biscuit


Waterloo, Keen’s Cheddar, Beauvale or Rustic Rachel
with quince paste & our poppy seed & olive oil biscuits
1 for £5.00, 2 for £9.50, 3 for £11.00, 4 for £12.50

this is a sample menu